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All our agents have many years of experience and specialize in different type of properties and in different parts of the Chicagoland area.

German Llanos


Owner and Team Leader of 24 Hour Real Estate LLC.
German Llanos reviews 


Chicago North Suburbs Luxury Homes expert.


Experienced Premier Lending Partner with 13 years of Mortgage Loan Officer background.

German Llanos


Investor and developer specialized in the surrounding O'Hare suburbs.


River North, The Loop, Streterville and Gold Coast residential sales and leasing expert.


Downtown, Gold Coast, River North, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Ukrainian Village residential sales expert.


Office Manager and Marketing Specialist.



We specialize in selling and renting your property (residential or commercial) on record time and obtaining top dollar for it. We also work with investors and first time home buyers to find the best deals possible in the Chicagoland area. Stop by for a free list of foreclosures and investment opportunities. Once you purchase the property or building with us we can also manage it for you so you can enjoy the cash flow without the nightmares of the management.


Our firm was established on November 21st of 2006. German Llanos, a Commercial Lender, got frustrated with the service from Realtors once he start doing investments in Real Estate. With a strong financial and marketing background he could not understand how unprofessional and careless agents were serving the Real Estate market. As a business person he saw and opportunity. When a client wants to sell sometimes the agents try to price really low so they can make a quick sale and get their commission. When the clients want to buy the agents sometimes want to show 3 houses and close the deal. No market research, no aggressive negotiation or long term planning for clients. There was no real value provided to customers.

Coming from a Corporate environment he quickly understood that Realtors should be more Consultants and less Sales people. He started recruiting a team where each member would be really strong on integrity, energy and knowledge.

Our agents have the highest degree of integrity. Your interest is on top of the pyramid for us. Agents usually are commission driven and sometimes they may push you to buy a property that is not right for you, or to sell at a price that is not the top dollar number that you can achieve. We care and we will always call it how it is.

Our agents are tireless and are always energetic and excited to work for you. Availability might be a problem with other Realtors. Some of them will show you properties if you fit their schedules. Don't you dare to call outside business hours or when it is convenient for you and not for them. You can call us, we will adjust to your schedule and work with you. Like our logo: We are always ready to work for you.

Finally knowledge. Getting a Real Estate license can be achieved in 2 weeks. But, does that make you capable to handle the largest transaction of many people's life? Does that makes you ready to advise clients how to buy shopping malls and industrial property? We do not think so. You should not trust a pretty face, a fancy suit or an expensive car. Do yourself a favor and ask for resumes and track record. This is a serious business and you need the biggest shark that you can trust. Choose right, choose us.



We have access to all the MLS properties and on top of that our relationship with different developers, asset management companies and institutional clients allow us to offer additional inventory that is off the market. For example pocket listings.


Please have the time to see our agents resume's in LinkedIn. Pretty much anybody can take a licensing class, pass a test and get a Real Estate license. True consultants have years of experience, several and current diplomas and they invest themselves. All of us do. Choose right. Choose us.


Do not fall for the Top Producer advertisement trap, where you call someone with good reviews and finish up working with the assistant of an assistant of him/her. With us you will work all the way with the agent of your choice. No gimmicks, no scams.

German Llanos reviews 

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